Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Super Simple Starter for Any Meal ~ Sliced Oranges with Olive Oil

Oh My Gosh! Don't these just look delicious!!!!

This SUPER SIMPLE recipe is one that I make often when serving any meal!

Who would had ever thought that some fresh orange slices, dripped olive oil, and some died oregano can make this dish truly a crowd pleaser!

(where this recipe came from...)

A few years ago, before our family started to get too big for any one house to hold everyone, we would meet at my cousins' house, Johnny & Peggy, for Christmas Eve supper. One of the many dishes that were served were these oranges! As the years past and I started hosting my own dinner parties, I needed a super simple starter. As my fingers quickly searched the Internet for something I could make, my mind reflected back on those oranges we had during our Christmas Eve feast! I quickly called my mom to see if she knew the recipe and according to her, it was really no recipe for them but just three simple ingredients...

fresh orange slices (sliced not too thick) arranged on a tray or platter...

than drip olive oil over each orange slice...

than sprinkle dried crushed oregano over the top and they are ready to serve!

It is really that easy and they are a hit whenever I serve them!

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