Friday, May 21, 2010

{letting you in on a little something more about me}

While I do find myself a little behind these days on so many things, the one thing I always make time for is cooking! It is not so unusual to find myself cooking most of the weekends! Whether it be cooking with at least three HUGE pots on my stove, or using my enormous crock pot, I love to cook and try new recipes...along with old family favorites!

With my family soon to be growing to the not so small number of 5 ~ I tend to prepare a lot of food for serving the same day and freezing (and yes - it is all about the freezing for me)!

You see, within the next few weeks, my family and I will be taking another amazing & blessed adoption journey to China for our son. Our two girls, our precious Francesca (who is currently 5) and our sweet & spicy Annabelle (who is currently 3), life as we know it is about to change! We are getting a son and they are getting a little brother! Both of our girls have been adopted through China's program. Francesca was adopted through China's traditional program back in 2005 while Annabelle was adopted through China's special needs program in 2008. Both of our girls have been diagnosed with mega colons and after dealing with this rare and at times dangerous condition, we were once again blessed with a little boy who also suffers from bowel issues. Our son will only be six months younger than our Annabelle so life as I know it going to become a bit more crazier ~ which I am so looking forward to!

Now don't get me wrong...this blog here is not about adoption or my family or my children's medical conditions but it is about cooking, recipes, and loving to eat! But for me I would not have any of those, recipes, and loving to eat...without my family and friends to share it with!

As you have already seen, many of my recipes already stated here are family favorites ~ traditions and some are new ones created by yours truly! For me, this blog is about the I want to keep for a life time and pass along to my children.


While I am getting very excited about our family of four traveling once again to China to become a family of five...I find myself more & more within my kitchen, cooking for my family and loving every single minute.

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