Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day One ~ my mom's pizza sauce

Today I once again made my mom's fabulous home made pizza sauce {and added a little twist of my own}. This is not the first time I have tried her pizza sauce recipe but it is the first time I have made it using these ingredients...

4 - 29oz cans of Hunt's Tomato Sauce

3 - large yellow onions (diced)

Pure Olive Oil

Dry Celery Seeds to taste

In a large pot over medium high, heat olive oil (only use enough olive oil to cover the bottom of your cooking pan and to cook the onions in). Once heated, throw in your diced onions. Cook until they are golden brown but not burned. Than add your tomato sauce. *Make sure you get all of the sauce out of the can even if it means adding a little bit of water to the can and swishing the water around the can to get all of the sauce out and add the water/sauce mixture as well to the cooking onions and sauce* Than add the celery seeds to taste ~ I truly don't measure my seasonings...I just put in a little, stir it all up, than taste. If I feel it needs more, I add more but only a little bit at a time & repeat stirring ~ don't want to over whelm the sauce of celery seed taste ~ Let the whole thing come to a small boil and stir. Let it cook about another 3 minutes at a small boil and than turn off burner. Let it sit about another 3 minutes and than your pizza sauce will be ready!

Now in case you are wondering "How much pizza sauce does this recipe make?" And the answer to that question is "a lot!" But what's great about pizza sauce is that it is so easy to refrigerate and/or freeze for later date!

I first made this recipe right after my family & I moved into our new home in the beautiful suburbs of Washington DC. My mom came down for a visit the following weekend of our big move and after going out for the pizza the night before and spending $80 on two glasses of wine, one draft beer and three medium pizza at a local bistro, I knew that our days of eating pizza out here where numbered. So with my mom's help, and start of the recipe (the tomato sauce, onions, and olive oil) I added a little twist of my own and there you have it ~ my homemade pizza sauce!

My mom has had me add basil, cilantro, and even celery leaves to her recipe (in place of the celery seeds) ~ which in my opinion the celery leaves truly make one hell of a pizza sauce. I also tried on my own some green onions (seeing how I had a ton left over from some potato soup I was making) which was also very tasty, but after trying the celery seeds today (because I didn't have any celery leaves to use) I think I finally found the perfect ingredients for making pizza sauce!

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