Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fettuccine Alfredo!

Fettuccine Alfredo! Now this is my daughter's Francesca favorite dish!

As well as another family favorite!


I do believe that this is the meal that got my husband to propose to me ~ seriously!


It was the first thing I EVER learned to make!

All you need is...

- 1 lb of your favorite Fettuccine pasta COOKED according to the package (I like using the green & white colored pasta to give the dish some extra color)

{for the sauce}

- 1 pint of heavy cream (no substitute)

- 1 stick of salted butter

- 1 tsp of ground nutmeg

- 3/4 tsp of white pepper


- grated Pecorino Romano cheese to taste

Heat the heavy cream, butter, nutmeg, and white pepper in a sauce pan and stir. Your sauce is done once butter is 100% melted. Top over cooked pasta and toss within the pasta. Add the Pecorino Romano cheese on top to taste and there you have it!

Seriously ~ it is that easy!

As I stated earlier in this post, this is the first thing I ever learned to cook home made and after seeing the recipe, you can see why ~ it is really that easy and oh so tasty! And seeing how a dish of this famous pasta out can cost an average of $14 - making this meal at home is simple, easy, and very inexpensive! for the husband has admitted to me that after having this "the only" homemade dish I could make, he truly believe that I could cook and knew right than & there that I was the gal for him. Unlucky for him, this was the only dish I knew how to make...all those years ago.

I guess you can say I have come along way since those years living in my little apartment in Old Towne Manassas many, MANY moons ago....

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